What is the Industrial Network Group?

Exclusive network for the industrial sector

Connect • Confirm • Close

Connect With Industry Leaders
Develop Professional Relationships
Increase Sales and Marketing Skills
Identify Key Decision Makers
Close More Sales

To generate more sales for each member by creating a systematic approach to increase sales & marketing skills, networking, sharing leads, tracking progress, and showing results. This will be done by discussing leads and opportunities on the weekly sales conference calls. All leads will be tracked and reviewed on a weekly basis.

The purpose of the Industrial Network Group is to create a group that will stimulate networking between like-minded industrial focused companies. The group will be built around three words: CONNECT, CONFIRM, and CLOSE.

For a group to remain strong, each member must purposely connect with other members. This group will foster those type of connections by creating opportunities for each member to connect with other members. In order to make those type of connections, there will be members meetings, dinner/networking meetings, conference calls, and one on one meetings.

Many people who have been involved in leads groups often say that their group did not deliver the type of results needed for them to remain as members.

The purpose of the Industrial Network Group is not only to promote connections but also be able to confirm the results that members are getting from the group. There are so many different ways that a member should be able to confirm the effectiveness of their chapter such as leads generated, doors opened, key information gathered, and quality training from the Coordinator or other members.

Every member that joins a local chapter of the ING does so to get more business. Fortunately, this group will deliver so much more (relationships, knowledge, training, information, skills, etc.) than just deals. However, it is important to note that the ultimate goal of every chapter is to help create more opportunities for each of their members. These opportunities will hopefully lead to more closed deals.